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NEWS Introducing Duels & Quests


Hey everyone,

Today we are presenting you with the first update to ColourMC! Firstly, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Leo, I've been bought upon the management team to help with content updates, fixing bugs and more! I can't wait to work alongside the rest of the team and the community, we have some cool plans up our sleeves and can't wait to share it with everyone.

Anyway, enough of that. Continue reading to find out exactly what's in store for this update!


Duels are pretty straight forward. You fight in an enclosed arena against another player, the last man standing wins! To begin a duel, simply type /duel <player>.

ColourMC's duels offer 3 kits to fight with; the Regular kit, the Tank kit and the Archer kit. We also have 10 different deuls maps to play on. A map will be randomly selected upon beginning a duel. We've shown 2 of the maps that you can play on below, you'll have to fight players to check the other 8!



Donators can spectate ongoing duels. Type /duel spectate <player> to spectate the duel a player is in. You must have a donator rank to use this, purchase one @ store.colourmc.com!


In this update, we also added Quests! There are 5 quest categories that you can complete:

  • Farming Quests - Harvest, obtain or break farming resources such as crops, items and blocks.
  • Mining Quests - Mine certain blocks such as stone, ores and building blocks.
  • Gathering Quests - Gather a certain amount of items, such as mob drops, flowers and more.
  • Combat Quests - Fight other players and kill certain mobs.
  • Animal Quests - Work with animals and complete tasks like taming, fishing and more.
Each category has tons of quests in them, once you've completed a quest you can repeat the quest after a certain amount of time.

The Farming Quests category - Page 1

To start a quest, head to the new Quest Master NPC at /spawn or type /quests. Then choose a category and click on any item in the category to start a quest. Quests can be cancelled at anytime by right-clicking the activated quest. Once you complete a quest, you'll be rewarded with either money, exp or an item. Good luck!

That's it for this update! We have more plans for updates that will be coming up in the future and we can't wait to share them with you. If you haven't already, we recommend you join our Discord to chat with the community and staff team and get notified when we are running events and news! Join the Discord by clicking the following link: https://discordapp.com/invite/nGkK2MY.

- ColourMC Team
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