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  1. Jamie

    Hey there!

    Hey there!
  2. Jamie

    ACCEPTED Media Application

    Accepted. But we expect to see episodes and videos out soon!
  3. Jamie

    ACCEPTED Media Application

  4. Jamie

    Lexi Lore's Introduction

  5. Jamie

    NEWS Welcome to ColourMC!

    Welcome to ColourMC. We finally released our website! Website design was created by @Umejii We hope you love our new design and updates to the website! Our Discord: Our IP: Our Webstore: These forums are now our primary way to...
  6. Jamie

    FORMAT Media Application Format

    NOTICE: Only apply for MEDIA RANK if you are seriously committed to playing & uploading videos of ColourMC. MEDIA RANK REQUIREMENTS: YouTubers: ✦ 300+ Subs ✦1-2 videos already on your channel of our server. ✦ 100-200+ views on recent uploads. ✦ Scheduled uploads on the server. Twitch...
  7. Jamie

    FORMAT Helper Application Format

    REQUIREMENTS: ✦ Must be at least 13 years of age. ✦ Must not have received punishment on the server within the last two weeks. ✦ Be honest, if caught lying your application will be immediately denied. ✦ Do not ask staff to review your application. If caught doing so you will be immediately...
  8. Jamie

    IMPORTANT Discord Rules

    DISCORD RULES JOIN OUR DISCORD BY CLICKING HERE. Please be sure to follow our Discord Rules at all times! Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment. Make sure you carefully read through our discord rules below and don’t hesitate to ask questions. ✦ Swearing and Inappropriate...
  9. Jamie

    IMPORTANT Server Rules

    ColourMC's Server Rules ✦ Please adhere to the target audience for minecraft and respect that any type of inappropriate language is prohibited on the grounds it's used as a joke, or with the intent to cyber bully another player. Punishable by 2 verbal warnings, 1 official warning, followed by...
  10. Jamie

    IMPORTANT Forum Rules

    Forum Rules ✦ Post Farming Post farming is not allowed. Please do not spam or double post. You can always edit your comment if you have more to add. ✦ Swearing and Inappropriate Language & Content We do allow you to swear, however, swearing must be kept to a minimum. Inappropriate language is...
  11. Jamie

    The Robot felt cute, he might delete later.

    The Robot felt cute, he might delete later.